First Africa Care-Leaving Conference

The First Africa Care-Leaving Conference was held at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa on 18 January 2019. It was co-hosted by the Department of Social Work at UJ, Queen’s University Belfast, the Africa Network of Care-Leaving Researchers (ANCR), and Girls and Boys Town South Africa. Additional funding was received from the National Research Foundation South Africa. More information about the conference can be found at:

Photos from left to right, top to bottom: Dr Pamhi Berejena Mhongera (Zimbabswe), Dr Paul Bukuluki (Uganda), Dr Kwabena Frimpong-Manso (Ghana), Prof Adrian van Breda (South Africa), Ms Lee Loynes (South Africa), and Ms Getrude Gwenzi, Dr Admire Chereni and Dr Devi Musina (Zimbabwe)

The conference followed a three-day workshop with care-leaving scholars from nine countries in Africa (Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe) and three global North countries (UK, USA and the Netherlands). 37 people participated the workshop, 10 of whom presented at the conference, which was attended by over 200 people (mostly practising social workers and child and youth care workers). The workshop was co-hosted by Prof Adrian van Breda (University of Johannesburg), Prof John Pinkerton (Queen’s University, Belfast) and Dr Kwabena Frimpong-Manso (University of Ghana).


The workshop participants on conference day.

The abstracts and PowerPoint presentations of the conference can be downloaded from:

Additional photos from the conference can be found at


Conference participants listening to Dr Frimpong-Manso

The Africa Network of Care-Leaving Researchers (ANCR) aims to promote care-leaving scholars and scholarship in Africa. ANCR is in process, for example, of publishing a themed issue of the journal Emerging Adulthood on care-leaving in Africa. Some articles are already published OnlineFirst at (search for the word ‘leav’ to find the four articles already available).

ANCR invites scholars who are doing research on young people transitioning out of care into young adulthood to join the Africa Network of Care-Leaving Researchers (ANCR) by visiting our website at and completing the membership form and also clicking the ‘follow’ button right at the bottom of the website (and typing in your email address).


Prof Pinkerton networks during a break, with Stephen Ucembe (Kenya) and Kenny McGhee (CELSIS, University of Strathclyde)

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