Care-Leaving Literature

All ANCR followers can access annotated bibliographies of care-leaving literature on the ANCR website. Follow the link to ‘Literature’. An annotated bibliography includes the full references of the text, plus the abstract of the text if available. There are two annotated bibliographies:

  1. Research that has emerged from Africa, currently 64 sources (which we hope includes everything written in Africa).
  2. Research that has emerged elsewhere in the world, currently 349 sources (though this is by no means an exhaustive collection)

ANCR hopes that these lists will be useful in increasing our use and referencing of literature from Africa, bringing balance to our current tendency to over-rely on literature from elsewhere in the world.

In addition, to increase the chances of us locating your publications, we encourage all African care-leaving researchers to use a common set of keywords, viz. LEAVING CARE and the name of your country. This will enable us to easily search for and find your publications.

If anyone knows of research outputs from Africa that are not included in the list, please forward these to Adrian van Breda at for inclusion in the ANCR collection.

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